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    Creating a smart city is about organizing your city in a different way using the latest technologies to create a better life for citizens.



    Does your city make the most out of new technology? Are you about to choose the right solution, strategy and platform?


    RAUM helps you to navigate through the maze of smart city services and technologies


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    Smart City Projects - Urban Media

    Advice - Strategy and Vision


    We help you understand how modern technology affects places, like streets, squares and shops. By exploring new technologies and learn how people use these technologies, we can see how this affects places. The utilization of all places is changing.


    With you we will discover that these developments offer many new opportunities. With you we develop innovative ideas, strategies, concepts and services.


    Workshops and tours


    Learn and experience the Smart City. We offer inspirational talks, guidance and concept consultancy for customers who are interested in the possibilities within new media and urban design. We help customers navigate through different technological perspectives and features. We focus on the overall picture and strategy as well as the more detailed parts of development.


    Projects & Concepts

    RAUM is experienced in working with some real world smart city projects. Projects like the development of city free wifi network, broadband infrastructures, urban games, smart city workshops and events, urban media projects and so on. We run projects and advices from a practical background and with a team of expert designers and developers.

  • Projects

    Citizen Centered Energy Transition

    We developed a smart service design for the Dutch national Open Data and Society Project for Urban Areas and the City of Heerlen. This design makes it simpler for citizens to get started with new energy resources and energy saving projects.

    Smart City Tour

    For a Danish RAUM organized a smart city tour to the highlights of the Dutch Smart City Projects.

    Smart City Startup Event

    For one of Europe's largest Smart City Event RAUM organized the Startup part of the program

    Free City Wifi

    RAUM adviced several Dutch cities in developing a free city wifi network. We specialize in the services and business models for succesfull wireless services in your city.

    City Innovation Acelerator

    Innovate Now is a concept developed by R.A.U.M. and U-Approach. It’s an innovation accelerator for cities and campuses. Innovate Now connects people, ideas and places. We believe that the interaction mechanism is what drives the innovation of the city.

    Smart Urban Screen

    RAUM and design agency NOOS developed a concept for an urban screen, free wifi, city information, street light, air and noise sensors in one lean object. A meeting physical and digital meeting point to enrich and engage citizens with the city


    The SmarterClass is a Masterclass for professional working in the field of Smart City development. Experts teach about the smart city and share experiences about what works and what doesn't work.

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    RAUM is Rob Aalders Urban Media. RAUM is me working with experts in my network. For every project I work with other experts so we can deliver the best possible outcome. I have over 10 year experience in Smart City projects and a academic background in Urban Geography and Economics. I worked in a municipality myself and developed several high impact smart city projects.


    Cities are no longer only about the physical space. We bridge the off-line and on-line worlds to create livable and lively places. We help you in creating a strategy that’s fits your activities into the evolving mechanism of the 21st century. My passion is to design fun and meaningful everyday services using tools such as websites, sensors, social networks, displays and mobile applications. To create innovative solutions and irresistible places, you have to look at the spaces they thrive in. By mixing business strategy, design thinking, behavorial knowledge. creativity and cutting-edge technology we are able to create the unexpected. Our projects must lead to a better experience, more valuable (civic) services and enabling lower carbon emissions. The city itself becomes the core interactive interface for the citizens.


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